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Tourism in Mykonos
Tourism in Mykonos
Mykonos is one of the most well-known islands in all of Greece and is located in the Aegean sea, and belongs to the group of islands known as the Cyclades.

Visitors throughout the world head to Mykonos each year to enjoy the superb beaches, excellent entertainment and nightlife and to have a fantastic holiday in Greece.

The avenues of Mykonos are nearly labyrinth-like and wind around one another. It was done on purpose to really make it hard for pirates that often attacked the city throughout the 18th and 19th centures. These fantastic side streets will be the ideal way to discover and relish the charm and delights of the island.

The area known as Little Venice is one of the most favored locations on the island for guests, and here you can find a fantastic choice of shops, galleries and night clubs. It is a section of the island that is alive throughout the day and evening, and is a place that visitors will pass through at some point in their vacations on the island.

There are numerous interesting places to visit and attractions such as the Archaeological Museum, the Folklore Museum and the Maritime museum are fantastic places to visit and provide a great understanding of the historic past in the island.

Also worth visiting is the small but hugely significant islet of Delos, which is located near the coast of Mykonos. Here you can see the astonishing ancient temples and statues. There are regular boat trips over to Delos, and it's recommended you try and visit this unique place.

Getting to Mykonos is extremely easy with continuous flights and ferry services to the island. During the summer month there are charter flights coming to Mykonos from all over Europe, and the island has superb ferry connections with Athens and other islands in the Cyclades.

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