Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Reno Search Engine Optimization
Reno Search Engine Optimization
Let’s talk about Search Engine Optimization in Reno and how to be effective in this area. Out of the three options for internet marketing that we recommend, the search engines have the potential to bring in the most business by far. It’s still important to do the free directories and Classified Websites like Craigslist, but there isn’t anything that can compare to the sheer volume of people that use the top 3 internet search engines on a daily basis. As you are probably aware, Google dominates the search engine market with about 60% of the market share. Yahoo and Bing make up the majority of what’s left and all then there are a bunch of small ones that make up the last few percent.

Organic Search Results

When you type a search term into a search engine, the engine scans over all the pages on the internet to generate a list of websites that contain relevant information pertaining to the search term entered. This relevancy is based on a score that is determined by supercomputers that analyze and take into account a number of factors such as content, traffic, the age of the site, etc. The main list that comes up is called the organic search results list.

Reno Search Engine Optimization

While there is no cost to the owners to have their sites listed in this area getting there in the first place is the trick. It requires Search Relevancy which is accomplished through Search Engine Optimization. Additionally it can take up to 6 months for new websites to even be recognized by search engines much less to begin working their way up this list. Depending on what you are looking for and the search term entered, the organic results may or may not be helpful unless you have a well engineered site that has great content and uses effective SEO Techniques.

One other component to consider is location! For example typing in the word “glass shop” would bring up a list of all the sites relevant to glass shops but not necessarily glass shops that are in your local area. The organic search results are pulled from sites across the US and internationally and often won’t contain anything pertinent to a local customer unless more specific terms such as “glass shop Reno, NV” is entered which would narrow down the results. But remember we need to create results for the masses.

Many web searchers start by entering more general terms and don’t fully use more specific search terms such as location. Your site may be slowly working its way up the organic search results lists for a number of terms. But unless you are on the first page, or the potential customer enters in your exact location, chance are your site wont be found.

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